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Yesterday (July 11), Cisco announced the launch of the "Cisco UCS M5 Family for Unified Computing", new "5th Generation servers" for the Cisco Unified Computing System Cisco (UCS). According to a press release from Cisco, the new 5th Gen family is: "Now a primary building block in the world's most advanced data centers, with over 60,000 customers."

The complete press release is reproduced below.

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Wannacry? OAuth?

A lot of well-known Healthcare organizations with important names have been impacted by these new threats.

If they can't defend themselves, HOW CAN YOU?

These major global cyber attacks - which occurred over the past few weeks - have occupied worldwide news headlines since. Organizations the world over, reportedly including major hospital systems, transportation providers, and telcos have been impacted. The attack has purportedly spread to over 150 countries around the world.

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