On February 17, McKesson Health Solutions published a valuable article, "Collaborative input from multiple enterprise experts can help transform the way your enterprise provides patient-centered care," by Tina Forest, R.N., on their online News platform entitled, "Emerging Trends in Healthcare Analytics Collaboration."

Ms. Forest writes, "Our industry will continue to shift as we transition from a volume- to a value-based reimbursement model, and the skills of all participants are needed to navigate." A collaborative approach -- across the care provider, management, administrative and technology eco-system -- is required to meet these demands. Ms. Forest goes on to write, "In a center point, all participants share the mission, and each pilot must focus on the point to not miss their mark. As we embrace the Triple Aim, we too must maneuver in a highly collaborative healthcare environment where all players contribute for the good of the whole.”

READ THE ARTICLE HERE (Containing a link to download McKesson's valuable white paper, "Optimizing Healthcare Analytics")

Derive Technologies works with McKesson -- and with other strategic healthcare partners such as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Advantech, Amico, Barco, Humanscale, Metro Healthcare, Rubbermaid Healthcare, Beacon Partners (consulting), and more -- to help private and public healthcare provider organizations to enable collaboration across all of these pillars.

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