New York, NY, December 15, 2014 -- Derive Technologies is now a U.S. National Amerinet® Group Purchasing Organization (Amerinet GPO) supplier for Rubbermaid® Healthcare. (Amerinet Contract # VP 10199: Rubbermaid Healthcare, Complete Product Catalogue.)

Derive - a long-time, top-tier Rubbermaid Healthcare strategic alliance partner - was awarded  a national supplier contract for Rubbermaid Healthcare’s full catalogue of products and services. The contract award is very much a testament to the company’s extensive experience in healthcare technology, serving some of the most important providers in the U.S. and across the globe. Derive is also a Minority-Owned Business and on numerous local and national public sector contracts and private sector supplier lists.

Amerinet is the Group Purchasing Organization that, as stated by Amerinet, helps members in the healthcare industry to "lower costs, enhance revenue and improve quality of care by customizing a set of performance solutions that delivers quantifiable savings, actionable data and guidance you can trust."

"Delivering an average of 4 to 7 percent savings per member, Amerinet takes an active role in identifying realistic and actionable opportunities for contract savings and product standardization within GPO members’ facilities. From assessment and strategic expense reduction to on-site contract utilization management and operational benchmarking, Amerinet’s unparalleled depth in healthcare supply chain management strategies help to maximize an organization's operating margins."

Amerinet members can contact Derive to learn more about purchasing products through the Amerinet GPO, and non-members can also contact us to arrange account setup, by visiting and filling out the Contact form on this page.