Introducing Humanscale T7 with Medlink Pro: Complete Medication Workflow Solution

Humanscale® Healthcare’s TouchPoint series of workstations-on-wheels (WOWs) features unmatched mobility, valuable space savings, exceptionally easy and comfortable use, lasting durability, high-performance capabilities for both laptops and PCs and advanced cable management. These sleek, innovative technology carts address today’s healthcare IT challenges, offering caregivers the most intuitive, ergonomic IT experience possible.

Derive Healthcare provides a 360-degree point-of-care solution with Humanscale, surrounding the T7 Mobile Workstation with the revolutionary, new MedLink Pro Software suite. MedLink optimizes caregiver workflows to help them deliver medications and supplies securely, while supporting pharmacy efficiency and compliance. MedLink Pro combines all of those features with Electronic Drawer Labeling with HL7 integration and RFID-embedded technology, secure Microsoft Active Directory integration, with single sign-on options, Auto-close and locked drawers, and Bar Code Scanning--creating a complete, closed-loop delivery solution. Furthermore, it supports these services with the Humanscale Medlink Database/File Server and Medlink Standard Solution Application Server. Humanscale and Derive provide with MedLink Pro, a comprehensive, collaborative solution that enables vastly improved clinical outcomes, patient safety, and efficiency.

Humanscale TouchPoint T7

Humanscale Healthcare’s TouchPoint line of mobile technology carts delivers industry-leading performance, ergonomics and durability. These sleek, innovative carts, including the T7 Mobile Workstation, address today’s healthcare IT challenges and provide caregivers with a simple, easy and comfortable way to access technology throughout the day.

MedLink Pro

MedLink Pro, the next generation in smart point-of-care solutions, secures medication delivery while enhancing patient safety.


  • Electronically open individual drawers
  • Electronically open all drawers at once
  • Drawer Auto-Close (prevents drawers being accidentally left unlocked)
  • 4-digit PIN code controls access to drawers
  • Supports multiple users/passwords
  • User-specific password controls access to drawers
  • Centrally manage Users, Groups, Departments
  • Reporting - tracking each step throughout workflow
  • Advanced login/single sign on options (requires Microsoft Active Directory integration)
  • Patient ID (requires HL7 integration)




About Humanscale Healthcare

Humanscale® Healthcare is a division of Humanscale—one of the world’s leading manufacturers of products that create a healthier, more comfortable and more productive workplace. They are dedicated to developing products that combine innovation and technology into ergonomic solutions specifically for the improvement of healthcare work environments to maximize patient care.

Ranging from mobile technology carts and wall-mounted computer stations to award-winning seating and work tools, Humanscale Healthcare’s sustainable innovations are designed to improve caregiver comfort and minimize work-related health risks.


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